Laura Matthew

Laura Matthew has been painting and drawing since age nine. While studying at the Tyler School of Art and living around the world, her talent has developed to a level of such fine detail the viewer is compelled to take a closer look.

Laura's works have been acknowledged throughout the area in various forums and contests. On October 20, 1999, she was featured as "Citizen of the Week" in the Ambler Gazette. Also in that year, she was featured on WPVI-TV, Channel 6ABC's "Prime Time" television program. President George Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush provided another accolade for Laura in September 2000. Laura is featured below presenting one of her limited edition prints to the Bushes.

Today, Laura Matthew continues to create pieces in various mediums that reflect a mastery of form and intricate involvement with a highly detailed and realistic presentation. Her unique ability to honestly capture the natural beauty of an object or place and empathize with the viewer, have made her works very popular among collectors and admirers alike. A resident of Ambler, Pennsylvania, Laura remains active in the local artistic community and is the mother of two wonderful children.

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